Turtle Cheesecake (V/GF)

When I first decided to do #PecanWeek, the first thing that came to mind was a turtle dessert of some kind. So, lo and behold my vegan Turtle Cheesecake!

Pecans…chocolate…caramel… SO much yumminess here! It has a gluten-free pecan and oat based crust and a creamy, chocolatey cheesecake filling topped with pecans, homemade caramel and dark chocolate.



Turtle Cheesecake

Velvety smooth chocolate cheesecake topped with pecans, homemade caramel and dark chocolate.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 1 Cheesecake
Author Bunny

Crust Ingredients:

• 1 cup gluten-free rolled oats
• 1 cup raw pecans
• 2 1/2 tbsp coconut sugar
• 5 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
• 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
• 1/4 tsp sea salt

Filling Ingredients:

• 3 cups raw peanuts, measured after soaking for at least 6 hours
• 1/2 cup pure maple syrup
• 1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk
• 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
• 1/2 cup cocoa powder

Topping ingredients:

• 1/2 cup full fat coconut cream
• 1/2 cup coconut sugar
• 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips, melted
• 1/2 cup pecans


1. Start by making the crust. In a food processor, process the pecans until they’re broken down. The largest chunk should be no bigger than a pea. Add the remaining crust ingredients and process until well combined. Let sit in the refrigerator covered while preparing the cheesecake.
3. After peanuts have soaked, drain and transfer them to a food processor. Process until broken down. Add the remaining filling ingredients and process until smooth. This will take several minutes! Be patient! Stop it every once in a while to scrape down the sides of the food processor with a rubber spatula.
4. Once smooth, pour the filling on top of the crust and smooth it out with a rubber spatula.
5. Set in the freezer for an hour.
6. Transfer from the freezer to the refrigerator to chill overnight.
7. To make caramel for topping, simply mix the coconut cream and coconut milk over medium-high heat. Let simmer until it starts to thicken, about 10-15 minutes. Set aside to cool (it will thicken more the more it cools).
8. Top cheesecake with pecans, caramel and melted dark chocolate. Slice, serve and enjoy!!!

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