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Hey there! I’m thrilled that you’ve made your way to my blog! You can call me Madeline, although most call me Bunny. Either way, I’m a homemade (self-taught) plant-based cook, blogger and a veggie burger fanatic.


Ever since I was little, food has been a big deal. Being the youngest in a family of

10 (six brothers and three sisters), food was something to cherish and never-ever waste.

I mean come on, feeding a family that big is not easy, especially with six growing boys!

I’m the lil’ one in the front either blowing a kiss or shoving food in my face… either one is very realistic.

My parents worked hard to support and feed us kiddos. My mom didn’t just throw

freezer meals in the microwave or throw together boxed food for us. No, she was much

more of a super-mom than that.

Luckily for me, her kitchen skills and love for food rubbed off on me and I’ve been enjoying the food world ever since.

The young age of 14 is when I decided to cut meat from my diet. However, I begged my mom to stop feeding me it when I was only nine! I guess I never had the taste for it. Overtime, my diet preferences have changed to an all vegan and gluten-free diet and my body, digestive system, relationship with food has never been healthier!




Above all, I love eating, cooking and sharing food. Hense, why I created this blog in the first place! I’m here to show you how easy and accessible healthy eating is and, more importantly, how delicious it can be!


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